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YP - Duelist Typhlosion! by Yingpingu YP - Duelist Typhlosion! by Yingpingu
NOTE: Drawn 19/20th October 2012... same day as loaded again, derp... :dummy:

Hello again, I decided to take what I've learnt from several random artists, including some of my friends like ~Jr-Death-King , and some advanced artists, most notably ~InsomniacOvrLrd (hailing from FurAffinity, found him while strolling around one day for ideas) and make a new drawing for fun. Realised I really need to use more layers. >_<
This would be my first TRUE Digital artwork, i.e. no tracing over my hand drawings. I've used the Path tool on GIMP to create a large portion of this drawing.

Oh, by the way, Pokémon Trading Card Game is so good, you should give a try!

And this video by ~InsomniacOvrLrd is cool: [link]
SpectrePaw Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It looks great :3 I myself am a TCG player, but I play Yugioh and not pokemon. But I heard Pokemon is a great game as well (don't know why I never tried to play it figuring I am a huge pokemon fan)
Yingpingu Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Student General Artist
Oh, hello Spectre! (Think I first saw you on YouTube? .... :la:)

The Pokémon Trading game seems to be easier to pick up and learn compared to YuGiOh. Considering I've only been playing it properly for about a year (in terms of experience from occasional games), I too found it a fun and simple game to play (dependent on decks of course, theme decks are good for starting out, whereas competitive decks of today are more complex with cards such as EX variants :trollface:)

And also it was easy to teach to friends as well! :highfive:

Overall, despite the fact the popularity of Pokémon TCG has been hurt by rivals YuGiOh and now MtG, I still highly recommend this as a strategic game worth checking out.

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October 20, 2012
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