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This is a fictional profile list of my Pokémon...


Species: Cyndaquil / Typhlosion / Axew*

Gender: Male
Original game appearances: HeartGold, Black, Mystery Dungeon 1 - 2, Mystery Dungeon 3*
Basis/References: Self
Weight: Slightly overweight for this species
Eye colour: Brown
Body colour: Royal purple / light yellow (as Cyndaquil line)

Friends and allies: 
  • Lancelot (Close friend and partner in PMD2)
  • Latika (friend)
"What? Oh hello there."
This Pokemon has the strange ability to travel through other dimensions, and thus has many friends and allies of who he's shared experiences with. Ying is usually is with a set of friends who has grouped up as a team who fight for a righteous cause. He likes diversity in some aspects, and is a bit of a perfectionist.


Species: Bulbasaur / Venusaur

Gender: Female
Original game appearances: FireRed, HeartGold, Y, Mystery Dungeon 1, Mystery Dungeon 2
Basis/References: (Partner), Starter, King Arthur
Weight: Usually underweight for this species
Favorite Move: Energy Ball

Friends and allies: 
  • Ying (Close friend and leader)
  • Latika (friend)
  • Morgana (possible future rival)
A friendly and youthful individual at heart, Lancelot likes to help others, friends or strangers alike. Even though she's able to use vines like any other Bulbasaur, she prefers using Energy Ball as her experience with it makes the move quite powerful.



Species: Raichu

Gender: Male
Original game appearances: FireRed, HeartGold
Basis/References: Partly friends (J.B.)
Favorite Food: Apple Pie

Friends and allies:
  • Kenryu (Close friend)
  • Morgana (Ally)
"Watt chu doing? .... no, not funny? Aww."
A rather young Raichu that is confident about his abilities, even if it takes a little time to warm others and being slightly naive with new folk. Once he does, he's quite friendly, even to the point of being quite the joker. Laichu prefers to use long-range attacks, despite being light footed. He's also quite the glutton, and likes to eat various things, especially foods that are sweet and savory.


Species: Dragonite

Gender: Female
Original game appearances: FireRed, HeartGold, Mystery Dungeon 1
Basis/References: friends (S.B.)
Favorite Color: Orange

Friends and allies: 
  • Kantony (friend and rival)
*hugs you with utter power strength*
A Dragonite that is always open to others, and is also compassionate about working hard to become strong. Likes to hug fellow friends, but outside of that, perhaps doesn't always use her new-found strength of gaining limbs from evolving efficiently.


Species: Lapras

Gender: Male
Original game appearances: FireRed, HeartGold, Y
Basis/References: N/A
"Gotta warn you, I'm kinda slow out of the water."
Jokingly rumored to be a time traveler. Regardless of this supposition, this Lapras is a keen defender in any combat situation.

Sir Aquali

Species: Vaporeon

Gender: Male
Original game appearances: FireRed, Mystery Dungeon 3
Basis/References: N/A

Friends and allies: 
  •  Sunjed (family member; unknown relation)
Despite being slightly older and weaker in combat than most, he holds fresh spirit. This Vaporeon enjoys the concept of good music, and constantly experiments with woodwind instruments as a hobby (if he had any choice in the world, he might choose something akin to a brass instrument). Joined Sir Lionel's elite team at some point in time as a supporting member.


Species: Tyranitar

Gender: Female
Original game appearances: FireRed, HeartGold
Basis/References: friends (A.C.)

Friends and allies: 
  • Nidoki (friend, carer and possibly idol)
  • Sir Lionel (friend and ally)
  • Kanuel (friend and rival)
"Why do people expect me to make a sandstorm wherever I go? XD"

A rather smart Tyranitar that was said to have fought against Mewtwo. She is always thinking about exploring to find other secrets and legendary Pokemon, and even though she is aware of her ability to make sandstorms, constantly resists it as she finds it unnecessary.



Species: Mareep / Ampharos

Gender: Female
Original game appearances: HeartGold, Mystery Dungeon 2
Basis/References: friends (M.D. etc)

Friends and allies: 
  • Morgana (Ally)
  • Laichu (Close friend and Ally)
Somewhat mellow, she has a carefree outlook on life. It is unknown if Laichu and herself have a crush on each other, but there have been signs, even if Laichu is somewhat naive.


Species: Sandshrew / Sandslash

Gender: Female*
Original game appearances: HeartGold*, Mystery Dungeon 2
*A Sandslash appears originally in Pokemon HeartGold as a male (nicknamed AJ), but this is a partial female counterpart in Explorers of Sky.
Basis/References: Keitai Denjū Telefang, friends (A.C. etc)
"For the foolish opponent, injure increase!"
Aggressive in battle, and said to be crazy by others, she roams canyons in search of a good challenge.


Species: Wartortle

Gender: Female
Original game appearances: HeartGold
Basis/References: friends (J.R.)

Friends and allies: 
  • Sir Aquali (Ally)
  • Karioz (Ally)
"I'm watching you!"
This Wartortle dislikes when people breaks rules or "go out of line", and is often seen scolding others for being dishonorable. Her personality of keeping order in place earned her a spot in Sir Lionel's team, and even though she's strict, she can be quite resourceful as well to fellow team members.

Sunjed "Jetson"

Species: Umbreon

Gender: Male
Original game appearances: HeartGold
Basis/References: friends (J.C.)

Friends and allies: 
  •  Sir Aquali (family member; unknown relation)


Species: Latias

Gender: Female
Original game appearances: Mystery Dungeon 1, HeartGold, Alpha Sapphire
Basis/References: Mystery Dungeon 1

Friends and allies: 
  • Ying (friend)
  • Lancelot (friend)
"Don't worry, everything is going to be alright."
A Latias who is courteous to others and has a comforting soul, if there's anything that describes Latika, she is possibly the epitome of hope, as she's always able to reassure others during their bad days. Despite being a rare legendary Pokemon compared to most common folk, she blends in well with everyone else despite her background. One time, she was in a terrible accident where some rocks fell on her left wing and crippled her ability to fly, but was saved by Ying and Lancelot. Ever since they nursed her back to good health, she has been appreciative to both of them, and that act of goodwill has only strengthened her kindness.



Species: Snivy / Serperior

Gender: Female
Original game appearances: HeartGold, Mystery Dungeon 3
Basis/References: Starter, King Arthur, Mystery Dungeon 3
Eye colour: Heterochromia; one blue, one dark red.

Friends and allies: 
  • Kenryu (Ally)
  • Laichu (Ally)
  • Lancelot (possible future rival)
"What shall we do today?"
A mysterious character who's past background remains unknown to others; all that's known is that for a long part of her life, she has been alone in solitude. Morgana prefers to have a commanding role over others, as she secretly enjoys having company to contrast being so lonely early on her life. She met Laichu and Kenryu in a remote forest that she happened to be living in for a while, and they have become fellow companions.


Sir Lionel

Species: Lucario

Gender: Male
Original game appearances: Y
Basis/References: Lucario from PMD1

Friends and allies: 
  • Sir Aquali (Ally)
  • Karioz (Ally)
  • Melody (friend)
A experienced explorer that has helped many others, he created an elite team which supports local Pokemon with many types of requests, while also protecting his home area from trouble. Can be quite flattered when others praise him, and prefers if others don't boast too much of himself.


Species: Goodra

Gender: Female
Original game appearances: Y
Basis/References: N/A
Favorite Move: Dragon Pulse

Friends and allies: 
  • Sir Lionel (friend)
A peaceful Goodra living in the same region Sir Lionel hails from, her favorite hobby is gardening, and so she is often seen tending to her patch of berries.
Testing the Literature stuff.
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